Person-centred therapy is a humanistic therapy approach that deals with how individuals perceive themselves consciously, rather than how a psychologist can interpret their ideas or unconscious thoughts.

This approach sees human beings as having an innate tendency to develop towards their full potential. Person-centred therapy uses a nondirective, empathic approach that empowers and motivates the individual in the therapeutic process.

What can person-centred therapy help with?

The approach is particularly effective in helping individuals to overcome specific mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, grief and stress. These issues can have a significant impact on self-reliance, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Person-centred therapy can help individuals to reconnect with their inner self to transcend any limitations.

What to expect

During your sessions, you will be encouraged to explore your issues – the session is led by you and not your therapist.

As a personal-centred therapist, Marésa will help you explore your feelings, issues, behaviour and beliefs, so you can become more self-aware and achieve greater independence.

Marésa will listen attentively, without judgment and try to interpret what you say. This approach facilitates personal growth and relationships by allowing you to explore and utilise your strengths and personal identity. Marésa will aid this process, providing vital support to you, and you make your way through this journey.